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Youtube account

2016-12-02 23:23:42 by TheAI

I am thinking about getting a youtube account for my musics. Let me know what you think ;)

also, if you know how to create audio visualizations, please send me a message on how to do so.



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2016-12-02 23:42:21

Adobe Aftereffects is the most common vor visualizers. There's also tutorials and templates if you look it up.

And about the YouTube account, it's a great idea but you're definitely not going to get as much recognition as you will here.

TheAI responds:

Thanks for your feedback!
I'll look up Adobe Aftereffects for the visualizers.


2016-12-03 03:43:57

Having a youtube channel may be a good way to have a bit of extra attention, but as BlueAlpha14 said, your tracks may do a lot better here , specially original compositions.
I have a youtube channel it's not popular at all, it gets some plays, but a lot of them come from the videos I embed here on my NG profile :P

TheAI responds:

Thanks for your feedback!